Sunday, January 24, 2010

Personal & Corporate Branding; the start of your online strategy

Personal / Corporate Branding
In the new economy where individual skills, competences and networking styles are becoming more and more important, you will have to start thinking about your 'personal brand' online.

Simple SEO (search engine optimization) techniques that work to promote your personal Profile or Corporate identity are therefore important. But it is not only about visibility, you will also need to know what message or identity online is the most effective for specific client groups. Thus you will need to know what your own or corporate networking style is, in order to speak the right 'language' using the right 'tools' online. In other words you will need to know how to improve the effectiveness of your interactions online.

The course for individuals can be followed online and will take about 2 hrs depending on you specific needs.
Furthermore corporate customers can contact me in order to develop a tailor-made series of workshops to train your personnel. During these workshops:
- we analyze your corporate identity,
- translate that to your online expressions & interactions on websites and in social media,
- and build a program in which effective networking styles of personnel is used, creating a uniform corporate social media policy,
- to targeted groups of customers using the ON networking model © above.

Contact me to make an appointment.

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