Thursday, February 22, 2007

Social Networking Strategies

Schedule a course and learn the tricks, the do's and the dont's in online networking.

General Learning & Online Strategies Consultancy Goals

  • Effective use of networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Myspace, Hyves, Xing, Second Life, Tribe and Open Networkers tools.
  • Effective online marketing and sales using Google, Blogs en online profiling.
  • Effective search and review of services and people using Deep-Searches and Clustered Searches.
Key-deliverables of my consultancy / courses
  1. Learn how to create a 500+ network on LinkedIn in 8 minutes (= total time spend for seeking, inviting, adding new connections)
  2. Learn how to view more than just the few million profiles on LinkedIn, but all 600 million profiles on multiple networks using just one search and dashboard (you don't have to login anywhere or be a member of the networks, the ROI in time spend is considerable)
  3. Learn how to seek more information about a target effectively (such as a phone / email address), so that you can contact your Target directly
  4. Learn how to change a quantity network into a quality network in order to add value to your network.

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SourcingCorner said...

Interesting, I hadn't heard of the social networking sites you mentioned. There are quite a few popping up all over. Would you know if they are targeted regionally or in any other way?

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